Power Numbers Plus

by John Taormino and Tom Orr

Compiled by Jeff Fisher - Distributed by Leonard Bentson


This manual has two acknowledged authors: John Taormino and Tom Orr, plus a third author, in the form of manual compiler, Jeff Fisher, who wrote the final section ("Putting it all Together") based on his method of playing Blackjack which encompasses the methods described in the manual.

This manual does something that should have been by other authors a long time ago; namely, improvements to Basic Strategy for the non-randomly shoe game. Having devised Basic Strategy II (back in 1992 and 1993) I question some of the plays in this chart and question whether or not the entries were properly verified with ACCURATE Blackjack Simulation Software. However the Basic Strategy modifications indicate to me some understanding of card-clumping on the part of the author of these changes (who that is is not entirely clear).

The author's respective sections were essentially written independently. This is essentially a 3-in-1 package, although it is requires as its operating basis is still Power Blackjack Numbers (PBN), which is reviewd elsewhere.

It was inevitable that John Taormino ended up working in conjunction with Leonard Bentson, after previous stints with E.C. Davis and Jerry Patterson.

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