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This section contains links to sites that I have found interesting,
Musically as well as Philosophically.


Musical Links


Steve Roach's work "Structures from Silence"has moved me more deeply than any music I have ever heard in this life. Steve is a Master of unique & ethereal music. This website allows you to sample the uniqueness of his work.


A unique program of electronic and acoustic music broadcast each week on radio stations around the country. Forrest has recently added RealAudio feeds of the programs for the last year, allowing you to replay these shows via the Internet. You will nead a RealAudio Player to listen in. Unfortunately, the files are in Mono.

Philosophical Links


Alan Watts profoundly influenced my life. Just before his untimely death in 1973, the foundation was laid for what today is known as the Electronic University, which is run by his son, Mark.

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