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Hi! My name is Bootstrap.

In June, my friend Ron took me to see my doctor (a cool guy known to me as Dr. Brown) where we found out that I had operable Thyroid Cancer.
Ron keept wondering why my behavior was so erratic (no I do not have Kitty Alzheimer's..... Puhhhhleeeez!). Well, now we know why I was not myself this summer.

Cancer operations these days are about $1,000 - Ouch!
That hurts even more than the needle Dr. Brown stuck me with.
We couldn't afford the surgery; and besides, I was HARDly looking forward to becoming a Glow-in-the-Dark Kitty.
So, instead, Ron encouraged me to Heal Thyself - Catnip Zen to the rescue.

Now, nearly 6 mos. later, I am back to being my usual pain-in-the-ass Self! In 2 months, my weigh has climbed from a low of under 6 lbs., to my weight in the days of my youth: 8.5 lbs. Ron keeps ragging on me that I will probably do my usual winter-time pork-out and gain another 2 lbs.; like I did in Cleveland when I tipped the scales at over 13 lbs.!

Thank you for your Cards, Guestbook Posts, encouraging E-mail and overall Emotional Support. It TRULY made a difference. Thanks to you, Ron is stuck with me for another bunch of years. Next April will be my Lucky-13 year. I've still got Four of my Nine Lives left - enough to raise a considerable amount of HELL before I finally Czech Out. Your encouragement has made that possible.

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