Boris Release Status

As of 31 December 2001, Boris Release 4.41 has been closed. The Software Reference Manual is over 125 pages and is loaded with useful graphics. Boris 4.39 users will find Version 4.41 to be more robust and full-featured than ever before, as well as faster and with slicker graphics and numerous new convenience features. The next release will be Version 4.42 with new Shuffles and Shuffle Machines.

Unlike the current trend to do away with hard-copy softwared manuals, you will find the Boris Software manual to be a detailed piece of work, allowing you receive the greatest benefit from the software. In the meantime, if you have questions about the software, feel free to e-mail me. If your questions have not yet been adressed in the manual, you can be sure that they WILL be addressed in the next version of the documentation.

From my lastest visit to Las Vegas a number of interesting casino updates have been made, thanks is in part to various dealer contacts made available to me, as well as time spent with several PRO and Semi-PRO players. Atlantic City and Canadian entries are kept up-to-date from my occasional/annual trips there, supplemented by reports from players like you.

A number of players have been submitting casino reports to be sure their favorite casino is manifest in Version 4.4. Don't be left out. While casino submissions are closed for Version 4.41, they are still welcome. They will be scheduled for inclusion, most likely in the upcoming 4.42 Update. Sometimes casino updates are tricky and need to be studied carefully, programmed and then thoroughly tested. This is especially true of new/unusual Wash procedures. Please be patient.

We are still in need of casino reports from Lousiana, Mississippi and more of the midwest riverboats; in such places as St. Louis and Indianna. In exchange for accurate casino reports, Boris Users will receive the Update containing the new casino change(s) BEFORE it is made available to the rest of the user-base.

To have your favorite casino considered for implementation, please send me your Casino Report.
(Look for the reporting form, elsewhere on this Website.)

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