Tip # Blackjack Playing Tip
0 The Mini-Strategy playes BEST in today's shoe games. Against Single/Double Deck games, it hits too agressively and doubles-down too timidly. Boris' Mini Strategy is not recommended in the following Blackjack game variations: Multi-Action Blackjack, Double Exposure Blackjack and Spanish 21.
1 After the shuffle, make a bet of 1.5 units. (Ex: a $10 unit would warrant a $15 bet). Off the top, you have as much chance as the dealer to win the hand. Afterwards, revert to a 1-unit bet, using an up-as-you-win or up-as-you-lose betting progression as appropriate.
2 If you are not losing three in-a-row, increase your bet for each loss using a 1-2-4 progression. If you lose a progression or win a hand, revert back to one unit. If the game is streaky, bet up-as-you-win using a 1-2-3 progression.
3 Never increase your unitsize unless you are AHEAD 20+ units and ONLY after a win. Never increase your unitsize in an attempt to recoup losses. Once an increase is made, play to a 1-progression stop-loss (i.e. if you lose a 3-bet progression, leave the table).
4 Never take insurance or even-money UNLESS the last 2 cards (before the dealer's holecard) are 10's or the last 3 cards are 9's, 10's or Aces. The VALUE of your hand has NO bearing on whether you should take insurance.
5 Avoid FULL Tables. Full tables produce choppy games which subvert Boris' Mini Strategy. Including you, there should be no more than 5 players in the game.