Truth or Statistical Aberration?

Below is a list of articles relevant to the subject of Card-clumping .vs. Random cards.

  1. Does Card-clumping Exist? - Part I. --- Ron Fitch

  2. An Empirical Look at Card-Clumping - Part I.

  3. An Empirical Look at Card-Clumping - Part II.

  4. The Truth about Dealer-Breaking - Are We Being Mis-led?

  5. Ken Uston on Card-Clumping

  6. The Invasion of Shuffle Master - Part I. --- Ron Fitch

  7. Arnold Snyder Demonstrates Card-Clumping - Under final study - Coming soon.

  8. 1st-Base Play: Is it a Mirage?

  9. Further Thoughts on 1st-Base play (recently discovered notes from my archive) - Coming in 2005.

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