Where I am Headed

Because where I am scheduled to play in the near-future is probably of more interest to you than where I expect to be playing months from now, this web-section will be organized in ascending date-order.

The Vegas "around-the-circle" trip was supposed to have been my "Downtown" trip. Click here to see what actually happened. When the "Downtown" trip does materialize, it will be reported here; possibly "live" from my Hotel Room downtown.
Stay tuned.


A "Quickie" Northern California Indian casino scout trip for the new "California Edition" of the Boris-for-Blackjack software is still being looked into. I expect to engage some Hit-N-Run play in any games that look delicious.

Mid-December may well take me to casino scout Blackjack Games in Arizona and New Mexico. This will of course be good news to the current users of the Boris-for-Blackjack software; in keeping with my goal to keep Boris UP-to-Date.

I am looking into another E. Coast trip (A.C. and possibly Foxwoods/Mohegan Sun and/or Casinos Niagara/Rama) from around Dec. 30th 2003, well into January. There are all kinds of possibilities - who Nose.

Late January looks to bring another Vegas trip (to begin playing some of the "Juicy" games I found on the last three trips this year), as well as a Southern Nevada sweep (can you say golf in Mesquite? - Heheheh).
When the details are worked out, I will report it here first.
If I get the balls (and still have a suitable Bankroll), I may even hit Colorado and South Dakota- Again, who Nose?!


Stay Tuned for the results.