As an Introspection Therapist and founder of the Human Insights Group, it makes sense that I put up this unique WebPage. In this section, we will be spending time examining Psychological and Meta-Psychological issues as they pertain to life in general and gambling in particular. Therapists and other mental health-care profesisonals will find much of the material presented quite useful in their work, in general and in dealing with gambling problems in particular.

Some of the material presented on this page-set is also accessible from other pages on this Website. This simply reflects the dual-nature of the material.

Articles and Essays Concerning
The Mind-Body Continuum

This section represents a selection of writings on the subject of Blackjack in general. You could probably call this Boris' potpourri on Blackjack. In this section writings will cover a variety of topics. However, certain topics will not be covered here, as they are showcased elsewhere on this website. Look elsewhere on this website for writeups on

Your Ideas Concerning
The Mind-Body Continuum

If you are somebody who likes to write, and feel you have material of relevance to this section, this is the opportunity to have your ideas prominently showcased. Feel free to submit your ideas to me for consideration.

Even if you are not an accomplished writer, if you can submit to me an outline of your idea, possibly with my assistance, we can mold it into an excellent article. You will be credited as the author and I will be credited as the "with" writer. For example: "Meditation and Meditations for Winning Players", by Joe R. Blow (assisted by Boris) - or something like that. Give it a shot, you might find out that there is a writer within you SCREAMING to be unleashed. If you have something to contribute, please e-mail me your idea(s) to me.

Interesting Goodies

From thyme to thyme I encounter useful and/or unusual things in life, be they on or off the Internet. As I run across them I will pass them along here in this section of the website.
Here is an interesting little bugger - do you know what it is?


Flotsam and Jetsom

This section exists to share with you unusual (probably irrelevant) and yet interesting tidbits about "Life, the Universe and Everything". In this section, it is OK to be somewhat irreverent. After all, if we can't find a little humor in our vast array of seriousness, we are in deep trouble.

I'm not sure what to put here. When I figure that out, this segment of the website will spring to life. I am open to suggestions on what to do with this.

Other Areas of

There is a myriad of different viewpoints regarding the Mind-Body Continuum. Here are a few sources that may be of interest to you.

  1. Food for Contemplative Consumption
  2. Interesting Philosophical and Musical Links

About the
Human Insights Group

The Human Insights Group (H.I.G.) is a continually evolving family of colleagues and professionals engaged in the work of assisting people towards making a difference in life. People associated with the Human Insights Group range in ability from psychologists and therapists, teachers and ministers, as well as medical practitioners, neurologists and BioFeedback Professionals.

The philosophies underlying the work of the Human Insights Group, include asian influence (Zen and Taoism) and eclectic therapies (Clearing Therapy and Introspection Therapy), as well as yoga, meditation and Bio/Neurofeedback.
Look for a separate Website for H.I.G. late this year.

Under the umbrella of the Human Insights Group, Ron Fitch has been engaged in research into what is today known as Introspection Therapy, with its subsets: The Experience Processes and NeuroFeedback.

Look for the reemergence of Bushido For Business in January 1999.

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