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I began this page as an attempt to answer the oft-asked of me question: "Do you really believe in Ellis' Card-clump nonsense?". As I think this through I realize that there is far more potential for a page on the subject of Clump-Tracking than answering JUST that question.

In order that you understand my way of speaking/thinking on this subject, I use the term "Clump-Tracking" to be a generic reference to the many variations on card-clump Blackjack; be they promulgated by Davis, Patterson, DiBenedetto, Heller, Benson, myself, or anyone else. Summarily, all the card-clump systems are in essence looking to track the various types of card-clumps present in today's multi-deck games; including Shuffle-Tracking.

Now,for purposes of clarity, it is agreed upon that Shuffle-Tracking and Clump-Tracking are dramatically different approaches; even though they seek the same end result. It is ALSO true, that the two approaches CAN be combined somewhat. In fact, I understand that research into this is on-going, with Boris as the "study tool". I'll keep y'all posted on that one, should anything develop.

In coming months, I would like to explore the subject of clump-card Blackjack with people who are TRULY interested in the subject. To that end, I will publish excerpts from the Boris Advanced Blackjack Journal, and encourage other authors to allow me to submit their work.

Now, I wish to use the original question to serve as a lead-in to this page.
As you may know, I agree and disagree with the work of Ellis Davis. Much of his material on Blackjack is indeed, quite brilliant; once you wade thru the hype and pomposity. In my opinion, we owe "Uncle Ellis" a big thanks for opening our eyes to the phenomenon of card-clumping. Evidence also suggests that Steve Heller stumbled onto similar phenomenon; with or without reading Ellis' write-ups in Blackjack Confidential. Unfortunately, the controversy regarding this issue has never really been settled.

Just as in sex, in my mind, it is irrelevant who comes first. All that is important is that we do. Thanks to contributions by Ellis Davis, Doug Devine, Ron DiBenedetto, Steve Heller, Jerry Patterson, Keith Smith and even an occasional piece of brilliance on my part, we have been engaged in an on-going dialogue for many years from which we can each extract the bits of brilliance we deem most important to the success of our play.

While it is true that we differ in knowledge of the game as well as in temperment, it is ALSO true that we can LEARN from these differences, and, over time, develop a comprehensive playing approach that is a synthesis of the BEST of the Best.

I do not apologize for the order in which this page develops over time, for I have NO IDEA where I am going with it in the first place. This page, like the entire site, is an Experiment. If you have thoughts about any of this please e-mail me. I would love to hear from you. For now, let the Dialogue begin.

  1. Clump-Tracking Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  2. Card-shuffling Articles/Studies: Are the cards REALLY random?


    An independent Wash-study done by Russ Hall
    Using Boris' Blackjack Simulator - Professional Edition.
    Note: This page is FULL of graphics and loads slowly. Be patient.

  4. Table Selection and Departure.

  5. Thoughts about Clump-Track Card Play.

  6. Thoughts about Clump-Track Betting Strategies.

    1. 1st-Base Play - Is it a Mirage?


    Clump-card Blackjack: The Psychological game.

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